Rules, Regulations & Upcoming Hearings

The following proposed rules, regulations are being considered for the named OHA programs and services. Please find more information, such as public hearing notices, when appropriate, and summaries of changes. 

Proposed Amendments to the Office of Healthy Aging (formerly the Division of Elderly Affairs) Regulations

In accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act, the Office of Healthy Aging (formerly the Division of Elderly Affairs) is advertising the following proposed and amended Regulation:

RICR Title 218 – Rhode Island Department of Human Services 

Chapter 40 – Division of Elderly Affairs 

Part 4 – Rules, Regulations and Standards Governing the Home and Community Care Services to the Elderly Program 

This rule is being amended in compliance with State and Federal law and good practice. The proposed changes to this Rule are contained in the Notice to Interested Parties, the Public Notice, and the Proposed Home and Community Care Services Rules and Regulations. Effective December 8, 2021, the Department has posted this Amendment for public comment. Data, views or written comments will be accepted throughout the comment period, or until January 7, 2022.

Please be advised that a Public Hearing has not been scheduled for this Proposed Amendment.