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Office of Healthy Aging

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We empower older Rhode Islanders and adults living with disabilities to age strong.

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What does aging mean to you?

As Rhode Island’s designated state unit on aging, OHA is the chief advocate for older Rhode Islanders, adults living with disabilities, and family caregivers. Our work centers around empowering ALL Rhode Islanders to age strong and connecting them to information and resources that support that end. Promoting engagement and equity is core to what we do. This website is a window of opportunity to access important information regarding our work, opportunities, and resources to help our constituents in their AGING journey. We are here to serve you!

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“Every Rhode Islander deserves an opportunity to age strong.  All of us.  At OHA, this belief is at the heart of our actions, advocacy and investments. When we say ‘all people,’ it reflects a commitment that we hope each Rhode Islander can tangibly and meaningfully feel in our work. If that’s not the case, if any person doesn’t feel included, our vision and potential will never be realized – no matter what we say. And that will never be good enough.”

- Rose Jones, OHA Director