Elder Abuse, Neglect, Financial Exploitation And Self-Neglect Reporting

Elder Abuse, Neglect, Financial Exploitation and Self-Neglect Reports can be entered via a secure Web Intake link.

It is necessary to follow the Instructions when completing the Web Intake Form. The Web Intake Form also allows reporters to upload pertinent documents into the report (e.g., police report). For instructions, see the file download below.

Pursuant to RIGL 42-66-8, all reports made to APS must contain the name, address, and age of the alleged victim of the abuse, mistreatment, or neglect, in addition to other mandated information. If the mandated information is not provided, the report may not be processed for potential assignment.

APS will continue to receive phone reports to the Intake line at 401-462-0555.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Please be sure to scroll down when completing the Web Intake Form and complete all sections, including the "Add" windows so that your report contains needed information on: Client, Alleged Perpetrator, Other Participant and Attachments.

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Look for Signs of Abuse

  • Person lacks basic hygiene, adequate food or clean, appropriate clothing
  • Person lives in a home that is cluttered, filthy, or in disrepair
  • Person exhibits unexplained or uncharacteristic changes in behavior
  • Person has unexplained fractures, bruises, welts, cuts, sores or burns
  • Person has unexplained sexually transmitted disease(s)
  • Person with dementia is left unsupervised
  • Person is confined to bed without care and/or has untreated “bed” sores
  • Person’s money is controlled by caregiver, but caregiver is failing to provide for the individual’s needs
  • Person is isolated by a caregiver
  • Caregiver is verbally aggressive or demeaning to the person

Did you know Rhode Island law requires you to report elder abuse or exploitation to us?  All Rhode Islanders are mandatory reporters. Make a report anytime by calling 401-462-0555. Reports can be filed anonymously.