At HOME Cost Share

The Rhode Island Office of Healthy Aging (OHA) strives to help individuals remain healthy, safe, and independent in their communities.  The At HOME cost-share program helps older adults (65+) and those age 19-64 (who have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or a related dementia) with home and community-based services and supports.

A senior veteran, smiling at the camera


The State shares in the cost of in-home and/or adult-day services in the community for eligible participants.

A participant’s share of the cost of services is based on their annual income. There is no asset limit. Annual income is capped at 250 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (250% FPL).  Eligibility is also based on a needs assessment. 

Eligible in-home services may include assistance with housekeeping, personal care, and/or meal preparation. Community adult-day programs offer a wealth of daytime opportunities and services for participants – including help with personal care, nursing support, meals, and various recreational and social activities.

All eligible At HOME participants receive an individualized assessment and care plan, tailored to their needs and preferences. 


 To learn more about the At Home program, contact the Point at 401-462-4444.